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A garage floor showing epoxy line marking on an mot service bay

Specialist Epoxy Line Marking Services

All aspects of line painting and warehouse line marking.
Typical applications include :-

  • Electric charging bay
  • Disabled Bay
  • Allocate Parking
  • Warehouse line marking
  • Hazard areas
  • Keep clear !
  • Fork Lift Traffic Control
  • Pedestrian Safety areas
  • Demarcation hatching

Epoxy line marking is used extensively in the marking out of parking bays, cross hatching, loading bays and zebra crossings. Durable, with a range of colours to choose from.
LFS Epoxy Line Marker is a self priming, 2 component coloured epoxy resin lining system, which can be applied at a total thickness of between 200 to 400 microns to give those high wear areas long durable life.

LFS Line Marker is formulated system to provide durability, high visibility markings for all substrates. Colours White, yellow, black, and safety red.

A garage floor showing epoxy line marking on an mot service bay
Industrial floor repair services

Our floor screed services. Click images for more information

Repairing cracks on an industrial concrete floor

Epoxy crack repairs

Floor screed contractor working with traditional screed on a house extension project

Epoxy patch repair

A garage floor showing epoxy line marking on an MOT service bay

Epoxy line marking

Floor screeding in progress, showing piles of traditional screed and semi exposed underfloor heating pipes

Epoxy jointing systems

Floor screed contractor, installing fibre reinforced screed at a warehouse – Bedford

Epoxy resin mortars

Using a diamond grinder to prepare a floor for resin

Diamond grinding

Floor repair & Line marking case studies