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Using a diamond grinder to prepare a floor for resin

Industrial floor preparation

The first step in the installation process is substrate preparation. Prior to primer being applied, substrates must be clean, crack-free, sound, dry and free of any substances that may impair adhesion (such as bitumen, grease, dust, paint, previous levelling compound or floor adhesive residue ).

Concrete floor repair

We repair worn expansion joints, carry out crack and patch repairs using epoxy mortars and epoxy jointing compound. We can remove fixings, that have been embedded in the surface for racking / shelving and make good the surface.

Our full surface preparation services include :-

Diamond Grinding

Dust free vacuum assisted diamond concrete grinding, vacuum assisted shot grinding, scabbling and scarifying.

Laitance removal

Laitance is the weak top layer of cement and aggregate fines on a concrete surface that stands between a topical coating and the underlying substrate. This laitance layer prevents a bond forming between the topical coating and substrate and needs to be removed.

Bitumen removal

All surfaces to receive our coating systems should be sound and of good strength, well prepared and free of any…

  • Contamination
  • Dust,
  • Chemicals
  • Other coatings

We use Diamond grinding and shot blasting to achieve this

Using a diamond grinder to prepare a floor for resin
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Floor preparation / Diamond Grinding

Our floor preparation services. Click images for more information

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