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Epoxy crack repair

Industrial floor repairs

We fix holes, cracks & joints in concrete floors

Line Marking

Used extensively in the marking out of parking bays, cross hatching, loading bays and zebra crossings.

Epoxy crack repairs

Fix holes, cracks & joints in concrete floors. We will assess the damaged floor and carry out a diagnostic report. Most cracking is down to shrinkage, in which case we’ll open up the crack further with a grinder, and insert the rapid hardening resin repair kit.

Epoxy Mortars / Epoxy patch repair

Epoxy resin mortars are used to create heavy duty, hard wearing floors in warehouses, manufacturing plants, factories, garages and areas that endure constant heavy use, like forklift traffic.

Jointing Systems

LFS Jointing System – Liberty have a range of hard and flexible jointing product to suit high movement or rigid joints to take heavy forklift movement.

Industrial floor repair services

Our floor screed services. Click images for more information

Repairing cracks on an industrial concrete floor

Epoxy crack repairs

Floor screed contractor working with traditional screed on a house extension project

Epoxy patch repair

A garage floor showing epoxy line marking on an MOT service bay

Epoxy line marking

Floor screeding in progress, showing piles of traditional screed and semi exposed underfloor heating pipes

Epoxy jointing systems

Floor screed contractor, installing fibre reinforced screed at a warehouse – Bedford

Epoxy resin mortars

Using a diamond grinder to prepare a floor for resin

Diamond grinding

Floor repair & Line marking case studies