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Elastomeric waterproofing, used on a walkway in kent

Elastomeric waterproof coating

An elastomeric waterproof coating is an exterior liquid waterproofing membrane that will withstand building movements and fatigue cycles.

Approximately 10 times thicker than paint. It forms an incredibly thick yet flexible coating that helps waterproof the exterior of a surface / structure.

It will maintain its integrity over a long period of time thus protecting the structure underneath by preventing water ingress.

The main application area’s of the LFS Elastomeric Waterproofing System are membranes and tank linings. In addition, it is also suitable for most substrates, concrete, steel and wood. It can also be used on surfaces such as stucco, concrete and masonry and more.
An elastomeric waterproof coating can bridge hairline cracks to make a complete airtight waterproof seal.
Applied in liquid form, it completely dries, hardens and bonds to the structure yet remains flexible: moving, bending and flexing as the structure underneath moves. In addition to providing a waterproof protective coating to a structure, it can also help protect the actual structure from damage.

External resin surfacing

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Finished 330m² driveway resin bound driveway in Northamptonshire, showing the customer's residence in the background

Resin bound driveways - Northamptonshire

Elastomeric waterproofing, used on a walkway in Kent

Elastomeric waterproofing

Interior fast drying screed used at a new build in Northamptonshire

Swimming pool surrounds

Close up showing finished wet pour rubber surface at an adventure playground in Nottingham

Wet pour rubber

Resin bound driveways in Northamptonshire

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Our team works right across Northamptonshire and surrounding areas, installing resin bound driveways in Northampton, Wellingborough, Kettering, Corby Rushen, Bedford, Burton Latimer, Finedon, Oundle and Irthlingborough.

Resin bound driveways Northamptonshire

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